New Whoopie Pies at Starbucks

Starbuck’s is upping their whoopie pie game. Touche, ‘Bucks. Touche.

(Apologies for the 3G pic quality.)

Verdict? Meh.

The Shells
They’re very similar to the Oreo cakester cookies, but not as salty. They’re chewy, but not┬ánoticeably┬ámoist and certainly not sticky. The swirls and beads of frosting on top are cute, but hardly disguise the fact that they’re just cakey cookies.

The Whoopie
It’s butter cream. Sweet and yummy, but not marshmallow-based. It’s thick and dense, like most butter creams.

A+ for presentation, though. The drizzle and the mini-cupcake paper keep your fingers totally clean, and look at that cute little box! I’m jealous of the box.

But only of the box.

Baking Slowly

(Lex is on Instagram as EstherProject.)

A couple weekends ago, I had a bad day.

A bad day.

By 8 AM.

I had plans. I had been looking forward to that day for months.

But my day got cancelled. And it was largely someone else’s fault.

So I had an entire Saturday, until some friends would come for dinner around 6:30.

What do you do with a whole day that’s threatening to be perfectly miserable?

I bake. Slowly.

This cake is from a magazine. Who actually makes the recipes in magazines? Not me. Certainly not the three-tiered-cake-kind. But I wanted to bake, and I needed it to take most of the day.

I did not multi-task. I did not plan ahead. I didn’t even pre-heat the oven. I did one thing. At a time. With long pauses in between because there was a movie playing on the laptop on the kitchen table too. I was present.

I mixed cake batter. I turned on the oven. I baked cakes. I turned off the oven. I made frosting. I prepared cranberries. I ate several of the cranberries. I turned the oven back on. I toasted coconut and walnuts. I turned the oven off. I layered. Very. Casually. I licked the spatula. It took hours, though it didn’t have to, and I loved it.

And I realized that I’m rarely ever this present for life’s pleasures.

I’m fully present for the pain. When something sucks, or something breaks, or something dies, or something hurts – I’m not easily distracted. I don’t multitask around it. Do you?

Why are we so very present for the painful parts of life, and less present for it’s pleasures? Why do we over-book the good days, or skip past the pleasantries, or rush through the good times? How did we get too busy, or too important (at least in our own minds), to savor the homemade coconut frosting?

It’s been said that we should take time to stop and smell the roses, but I don’t see a lot of roses, and maybe that’s the problem. My advice is now this:

Stop and lick the spoon.

Mount Whoopie Pie

The custody battle continues!

If you’re not up-to-speed on the whoopie pie custody battle between Maine and Pennsylvania, check out our About Whoopie Pies page for all the drama.

If you are up to speed, you know that in April, Maine’s state legislature voted the whoopie pie the official state “treat.” The governor didn’t sign the bill, but he didn’t veto it either, which means that it becomes law after 90 days.

Well the 90 days were up a few weeks ago, and the University of Maine celebrated by creating a mountain of whoopie pies.

My favorite part is the statement that this law will, “propel Maine into the future.” That, and the guy in the whoopie pie costume. Someone get me one of those outfits, seriously.


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