Whoopie Pie vs Moon Pie

We cleared up the confusion about whoopie pies and macarons earlier this week. The other one I hear a lot is, “Oh, like a MoonPie.”

No. Not like a MoonPie.

MoonPies use graham cracker “cookies.” I don’t even know why we call them “cookies,” because they’re definitely crackers. They’re graham crackers; they’re just round graham crackers. Whoopie pies use something between a cookie and a cake – opposite end of the cookie spectrum. MoonPies, thus, are fairly crunchy and flat. Whoopie pies are soft, sticky, and rounded.

The filling is similar in that it’s marshmallow. MoonPie filling is pretty much just marshmallow, while whoopie pie filling starts with marshmallow and then gets more fluffy and more delicious.

MoonPies are dipped in chocolate, whoopie pies are not.

MoonPies are sometimes double-stacked, whoopie pies are not because of their domed pastries.

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  1. Well, one son-in-law says they are both gross. The other loves them.

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